Pause and Plan: After Your Voluntary Self-Exclusion Ends

Purpose of the Course

To provides gambling awareness information to people who have participated in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) program at casinos in Manitoba,, or at the Cityplace Gaming Centre.

Who it is For

Individuals who have participated in the VSE program at casions in Manitoba,, or at the Cityplace Gaming Centre and wish to re-enter.

Course Description

The objectives of this training are to help participants:

  • Understand how gambling works (i.e. basic principles of legalized gambling)
  • Identify myths and erroneous beliefs that can foster high risk gambling.
  • Appreciate the difference between low risk and high risk gambling practices.
  • Review the past and present motivations, as well as entering the VSE program
  • Review intentions and decisions about wanting to return to gambling
  • Develop a personal plan of action that could include one of the following options:
    • Continue to abstain from gambling
    • Maintain the current self-exclusion agreement
    • Re-enter the casino/gaming centre or online gambling
    • Re-enter the casino/gaming centre for entertainment/dinning only
  • Be aware of the information and help resources available in Manitoba for people experiencing problems with their gambling



To Register

Please visit AFM’s website or phone the AFM Gambling Services in Winnipeg at (204) 944-6368.

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