Range of Gambling Behaviours

The chart below shows that, while gambling and problem gambling involve the same activities, the experiences and behaviour of the gamblers differ. To get an idea on where you may fall on this range of gambling behaviours, go to Get Your Score and try the quiz.

No Gambling
Recreational Gambling
Problem Gambling


Recreational Gamblers:

  • put limits on time and money
  • stay within a budget
  • can afford the losses
  • play for fun with friends
  • understand that gambling is just a game
  • Have the attitude of “hope to win” but “expect to lose”
Problem Gamblers:

  • exceed limits (time & money)
  • experience financial problems
  • have experienced difficulties with relationships, work or moods
  • feel ashamed about gambling
  • constantly think about gambling
  • borrow money for gambling
  • gamble to win back losses
  • gamble until all the money is gone
  • feel desperate: “I deserve a win, I need a win.”
  • Lie about their gambling or try to hide it from others.

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